Plateau of Coscione Porto Vecchio, Bonifacio

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Situated at 1 500 m of height on average, and at 2 hours of walking from Quenza, this plateau is recognized as one of the most beautiful and most unexpected landscapes of Corsica.

A magic, almost unreal landscape, where undulations and vast flat areas strewed with "pozzines" and with purple flowers become entangled. The "Pozzines", sorts of small puddles strewing the green brightness of the peat bog, like a vestige of a shower of meteorites coming from the sky, pulls their name of the word " pozzi " (well), used by the shepherds to appoint this water supply, so precious during the dry summer period of their transhumances. The nature is here intact, and you can observe a rich and diverse fauna and flora: horses, cows and pigs which live here quite freely, royal Milan (bird of prey), aconite (purple flower) which is an endemic plant of Corsica, and thus quite unique . and many other surprises.


20122 Quenza

Porto Vecchio, Bonifacio


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