Occi, the abandoned village Calvi, Ile Rousse, Balagne

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This abandoned village situated on the heights, facing the sea and overcoming the plain of Fiume, offers an exceptional point of view on the navy of Sant' Ambroggio and the gulf of Calvi, where from you can admire one of the most beautiful sunset of Balagne.

It was inhabited in the XVth century by people having left the coast to flee the Saracens. The decline of the village occurred in the XVIIth and XVIIIth century, to be definitively abandoned in 1914.


From the village of Lumio, take the hiking trail of approximately 30min to reach the abandoned village of Occi.
See: "Occi, the abandoned village " in the section " Pedestrian Strolls " of Mycorsica


Calvi, Ile Rousse, Balagne


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