U Porcu Neru Ajaccio, Propriano, Sartene

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Antoine Poggioli, founder of the regional association for the management of Corsican the breed of pig, implements the ancestral knowledge of the true Corsican charcuterie (dried meats).

The animals, exclusively of the Nustrale breed (Corsican black pig) are rigorously identified, selected and bred in a truly traditional fashion. The products are available for sale directly at the farm or exclusively in the following outlets: Roba Nostra (M. Jean Piro). 15 r Doria 20169 Bonifacio, +33(0)495731256 Tempi Fà: 11 av Napoleon III, 20110 Propriano, +33(0)495760652 .


20133 Ucciani

Ajaccio, Propriano, Sartene


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