Bravona River Aleria, Moriani, Solenzara

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Waterfall & Natural Swimming Pools .


Natural swimming pools and river : From Aleria, take the N198 in the direction of Bastia, then turn left on the D16 in the direction of Tallone and Moïta. Continue on the D16 on 10,4km, and park your vehicle near a bridge where from you will see the bathing spot.
Approximately 20min drive from Aleria, and 40min from Santa-Lucia-Di-Moriani.

Waterfall and natural swimming pool (see map): you can continue for a further 21,4km from the first spot (so, 31,8km from the junction of the D16 and the N198) and will discover another bathing spot which you will see from the bridge. Park your vehicle, go down to the river and go upstream to discover a waterfall and its beautiful natural swimming pool.
Approximately 50min drive from Aleria, 1h15 from Santa-Lucia-Di-Moriani.


Aleria, Moriani, Solenzara

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