Lighthouse of Pertusato Porto Vecchio, Bonifacio

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The lighthouse of Pertusato dominates the cap Pertusato and marks out the south coast of Corsica as well as the entry of the port of Bonifacio.

Square tower of 21 m in built stones, centered on a rectangular building. The lighthouse is automated since 1985. The program of illumination of Corsica had not been studied in 1825 by Augustin Fresnel. It is in 1838 when it is decided to implant 5 first lighthouses to encircle the island. The lighthouse of Pertusato is the second after that of the Sanguinaires islands in the southwest. It will be followed by those of Chiappa in the South, by the lighthouse of Revellata on the West and Giraglia in the North.


Porto Vecchio, Bonifacio


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