The Cap Corse Nord

Natural sites | Corsica

An “island in the island”, the Cap Corse is a wild territory, authentic and preserved.

This region, resolutely embracing the sea, is dotted with tiny fishermen villages: Albo, Giottani, Centuri, Barcaggio, Porticciolo, Erbalunga… The Cap Corse is also home to the main fishing ports of the island: Macinaggio and Centuri, the latter being famous for its lobster. In 1592, the Capo Corso province was created and many Genoese towers were built at that time, until its liberation from Genoese domination by Pascal Paoli in 1757. The "Palazzi" or "Maison des Américains", easily identifiable in many villages of the region, are large properties built in the 19th century and, together with the monument size tumbs, are a testament to the success of those who left the Cap Corse to seek fortune in America.



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