Bonifacio Sud

Natural sites | Corsica

Bonifcaio, a medieval fortress and natural harbour, is the must-see site of the extreme South of Corsica.

The citadel is built on a cape dominating the Bonifacio straight between Corsica and Sardigna, on top of its 70m high limestone cliffs. Some houses are literally suspended above the sea, adding to the dramatic effect of the site… Bonifacio was named after Boniface II, marquis of Tuscany. The city was the subject of a war between Pisa and Genoa to govern this citadel, was under a 5-month siege in 1420 by King Alfonso V of Aragon, and the plague in 1528 was particularly devastating. With François Ier, the French rebuilt the depopulated city, which was eventually sold to the Republic of Genoa, before Corsica became French in 1767. The Nature Reserve of Bonifacio is home to a unique heritage: beautiful landscapes, caves, marine park, historical monuments, picturesque streets and the military fortress, making this city an exceptional site.



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