The Agriates Nord

Natural sites | Corsica

The Agriates is a vast area of 15,000 hectares between St Florent and the Ostriconi in the Balagne region.

Often called the Desert of the Agriates, in fact, for centuries, this territory consisted of agricultural land (which it was named after) and was a true breadbasket for Corsica, until clearing by fire had the best of these fertile lands. Today, the Agriates are a protected natural site, characterized by the noble species of the maquis (myrtle, arbutus, heather . ), olive groves as far as you can see, testament to their cultivation in the past, and hundreds of "pagliaghji", these small dry-stone structures formerly used as sheep shelters or for grain storage. The Agriates are home to some of the most beautiful beaches of Corsica and are accessible through the "sentier des douaniers", a hiking trail along the coast, or by highly impracticable dirt tracks. Bivouac and camp fires prohibited.



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